Welding Topics

Investing time and money in training can yield significant long-term benefits for companies.

Not only do welding professionals benefit individually from process and equipment training, but in many cases it can also help them optimize the welding operation for greater efficiency.

Giving more information or lectures on your request basis about various welding topics include the following:

*Introduction to Welding / NDT Technology

* Welding Processes

* Welding consumables

*Safety and health in welding

* How to qualify welders

* Welding symbols, Distortion

* Heat treatment - Preheat, Post heat, IPT, PWHT

* Discontinuities in weld and base metal

* Welding Inspection, AWS-CWI,SCWI,TWI-CSWIP3.1,3.2

* Destructive testing

* WPS,PQR, Welding documentation... and many more

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