Over view of Technology Courses

Technical Training at SWI is designed to provide training for personnel involved with welding fabrication groups. Those who need a practical working knowledge of welding - such as Supervisor, Inspector, QA/QC and Engineering will find these one week courses very beneficial.

The Courses are comprised of approximately 75 % class room lecture / discussion and 25% workshop demonstration

The Welding Technology Courses, the student / instructor ratio is approximately 10 to 1.
At the end of the training programme,the participants would have to undergo a written test-multiple choice to determine participants understanding of welding technology.

Upon successful completion of the training program, the student will receive a certificate.
d) Safety

Safety is an important consideration in all welding, cutting and related work.

  • Give Safety Little time
    Safety Gives you life Time.

  • Know Safety No Pain
    No Safety Know Pain.
e) Syllabus / Welding Topics

There are more than 10 courses available, ranging from general topics such as "Introduction to Welding/ NDT Technology" to specific courses on processes and application.
Giving more information or lectures on your request basis about various welding topics include the following:
  • Welding and related processes
  • Safety and health in welding
  • Welding power sources
  • WPS, PQR and Welder performance
  • How to qualify welders
  • Welding symbols, Distortion
  • Heat Treatment- Preheat, Post Heat, IPT, PWHT
  • Discontinuities in weld and base metal
  • Quality control
  • NDT -VT,PT,MT,RT and Destructive Testing
  • Welding Inspection
  • Stainless Steel.
  • The IIW, IWS, WRI, AWS, TWI,etc., Today
Sumeka Welding Institute having knowledge welding expertise and interest in vocational training. We have necessary training infrastructure to run the programme.

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